crown capital tokenomics infographic

Crown Capital Business Model

The DAO will generate income for CROWN holders in a variety of ways through active management NFT and treasury assets as well as through earnings and rewards generated within our metaverse businesses inside portfolio P2E economies. In addition, CROWN holders will benefit from any asset appreciation and/or sale of our NFT assets in the portfolio.

DAO Revenue Distribution from the Treasury

The Treasury is a smart contract that will receive the continuous payout from the Vault. The contract will allow stakers and yield farmers to claim these continuous rewards which comprise 75% of all CROWN tokens and will be released from the vault evenly over 60 months to the maximum supply of 75,000,000 CROWN.

Staking & Yield Farming

Crown Capital will reward those who stake Crown Capital tokens. CROWN holders who elect to stake their tokens will receive a pro-rata claim to the daily payout from the Treasury as well as any earned liquidity pool transaction fees and/or yield farming rewards. Staking and yield farming rewards will compound.

About the CROWN Token

The Crown Capital token "CROWN" represents governance rights in the Crown Capital DAO. CROWN is an ERC-20 token with a fixed maximum supply of 100 million minted tokens when the contract is deployed.


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