Where can I buy $CROWN tokens?
Will the Crown Capital have a staking program?

Absolutely! 75% of the entire CROWN supply is held in our vault and will be paying out a fixed amount daily over five years.

Why is Crown so Bullish on Blockchain & Play to Earn Gaming?

The global gaming market has reached a value of over 175 billion dollars and boasts a player base of over 3 billion. It is well established and yet for decades has lacked true player ownership. Now players and investors can own the actual gaming assets and not just play for enjoyment but profit from their gaming. This is creating a major shift from a subscription model like Netflix whereby the provider earned everything to a market place model like Amazon whereby the players and organizations like Crown Capital can earn a significant share of the pie.

How will Crown Capital operate?

Crown Capital is structured as a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) meaning every CROWN token represents a pro-rata share of Crowns holdings and a vote for each Member. We are managed by a Board of Governors elected by the Members. The board will actively employ people who wish to run different businesses we own in games such as a tavern in Mirandus. You can learn more from our whitepaper.

What is Crown Capital?

We are an organization focused on investing in tier one studios producing play-to-earn games that are secured by the blockchain.


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