Where Can I Learn More About the DAOs Strategy & Governance

You can check the content on the Governance section of the site and/or read the Crown Capital whitepaper for more details.

Will the CROWN Token Have a Staking Program?

Absolutely! 75% of the entire CROWN supply is held in our vault and will be paying out a fixed amount daily over five years. CROWN token holders on the Arbitrum layer may do single sided staking and 40% of the total payout has been allocated to that. The remaining 60% will be divided equally between the two liquidity pools. Members who add liquidity to the pools will also earn transaction fees. We will be posting tutorials on how to stake CROWN & redeem rewards once the respective liquidity pools are setup and there will be a staking web application on this website that can be used anytime upon launch at

How Will the DAO create liquidity after the ICO?

The DAO will create two liquidity pools of CROWN/USDC both with at least $100K and more if needed. The first will be on Sushiswap Arbitrum layer 2 and the second will be on Balancer on Ethereum main net. Layer two has been chosen as our primary focus because it maintains the security benefits of Ethereum yet has considerably less gas fees.

What Are Crown Captial's Policies for Communicating to DAO Members on Social Media?

We strongly suggest you go to privacy settings and turn off direct messages in Discord. Crown Moderators will never direct message you first. If you need assistance please use the channel "moderators-help". In addition we will never do a surprise mint, you will know the date well before. Please do not click suspicious links and only use the official Copper Launch link for the ICO & our website for staking, You should always check our Crown Capital Twitter page too when in doubt about an announcement #│official-links. Check the announcement was made on both places and that the link is the same before connecting your wallet.

What is Crown Capital?

We are an organization focused on investing in tier one studios producing play-to-earn games that are secured by the blockchain.

How will Crown Capital operate?

Crown Capital is structured as a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) meaning every CROWN token represents a pro-rata share of Crowns holdings and a vote for each Member. We are managed by a Board of Governors elected by the Members. The board will actively employ people who wish to run different businesses we own in games such as a tavern in Mirandus. You can learn more from our whitepaper

Why is Crown so Bullish on Blockchain & Play to Earn Gaming

The global gaming market has reached a value of over 175 billion dollars and boasts a player base of over 3 billion. It is well established and yet for decades has lacked true player ownership. Now players and investors can own the actual gaming assets and not just play for enjoyment but profit from their gaming. This is creating a major shift from a subscription model like Netflix whereby the provider earned everything to a market place model like Amazon whereby the players and organizations like Crown Capital can earn a significant share of the pie.

Can I Still Deposit NFT Assets to the DAO Prior to the ICO?

Yes. You can still deposit your NFT assets in exchange for equity in Crown Capital. We are currently in our pre-seed round which is expected to last for 3-4 weeks while our Certik audit is being completed. After which all pre-seed members will have CROWN tokens airdropped to their Metamask wallets on the Arbitrum network. You can currently buy CROWN for 15c per coin payable in USDC on the Ethereum network by joining our Discord community and direct messaging @Dylan | Crown Capital#7965 who will give you the address of our escrow wallet.  After our ICO you will be able to buy and sell CROWN via Sushiswap & Balancer Exchanges.

Is Crown Capital going to have a token ICO (Initial Coin Offering)?

Yes. Crown Capital DAO is currently in the final stages of planning to launch its token - CROWN via Copper Launch - a fair launch platform. The Crown Capital Board of Governors will set an official ICO date and announce the details in February 2022. The ICO will be handled by Copper Launch. Copper has successfully done a number of IPOs for DAOs and we feel confident they are the best match for us. The Copper ICO will take place on the Ethereum main net. Copper uses a Dutch auction method which has proven to be the fairest way to launch. To learn more about this listen to our recent AMA in #│social-media on our Discord community server.


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